Day 127

Thursday, September 29, 2005Apache Junction, AZ
Miles: 14200Holy Hank in the Round, Batman!

Today we drove to Phoenix. The drive was long, but the scenery was gorgeous. We drove through the red rock region, taking a dip in the very cold river at the Slide Rock State Park. The colors were ridiculously bright, and for awhile we felt like we were on a soundstage. The sky was so very blue, the little trees a deep green and the stones, well, red, as you might imagine. Awesome.

The awesomeness continued until we got to about 30 miles outside of Phoenix. Then we stood still. Ugh. Keath did some quick navigation and we took a detour in the hopes of getting to the Henry Rollins show on time. After some slick maneuvering, we managed to make it to the very cool Coliseum. It was a half round and all the seats were good. We managed to be only a few feet from the stage. From that distance, we could see that Hank has been aging some. He's still funny enough to give you a headache from laughing, though.

Due to the absolutely atrocious heat, we rented a Kamping Kabin (with air conditioner) at the Apache Junction KOA. We were exhausted, so we tossed the sleeping bags on the urine resistant rubber mattress and went to sleep. Uncomfortably. This was the first and last time we ever stayed in a Kabin. Guck.