Day 128

Friday, February 30, 2005Apache Junction, AZ
Miles: 14200Now that's traffic!

Today we hung out in the cabin for awhile, out of the extremely drying sun. Around noon, we headed back into downtown Phoenix so Keath could go to a meeting and Ceridwen could get a massage. Massage and meeting both went well, and we plotted what to do while we ate a yummy Indian lunch. The city of Phoenix was a city we had put on our itinerary specifically for the purpose of checking it out for a possible place to live, but the combination of heat and traffic put it right out. We had planned to stay a few days, but grumpiness set in and we abandoned Phoenix after lunch and launched out for parts unknown. As the road dwindled from 5 lanes to 2, we knew we were headed in the right direction. We stopped at a truck stop town, basically an exit with a hotel and a gas station for the night, hanging out in the pool to combat the heat.