Day 129

Saturday, October 1, 2005Benson, AZ
Miles: 14511Look! It's a bird! No - It's a plane!

Mmm. Eastern Arizone is depressing. Falling apart houses amid cacti. Lovely. We headed out to Casa Grande in the heat. It's under 100 though, which apparently means that it's Autumn.

Casa Grande was neat, though our trip was cut short due to the heat. If it seems like we're mentioning the heat a lot, it's because it's so intense that it invades everything. We drove down towards Tucson and checked out Saguaro National Park. Something about the giant cacti made us happy. The Native Americans thought of the saguaros as their ancestors, which is easy to see.

On our search for a place to sleep, we stopped at the Pima Airforce Base and checked out a whole bunch of weird planes (click on the Super Guppy below for way too many photos of them). But, alas, heat leads to grumpiness, and after an hour or so, we left to go find a hotel to sleep in.