Day 130

Sunday, October 2, 2005Truth or Consequences, NM
Miles: 14827'TorC' to the hipsters

What is The Thing? Well, we didn't know, but we were asked numerous times by billboards that were placed every few miles along the highway. So we stopped and, for a dollar, the kind people let us find out just what the Thing was. It was a mummy. Or something. In order to get to the Thing, we walked through an assortment of oddities, cars, and some weird carvings. The also had pecan rolls. Yum.

After our morning touristy constitutional, we drove to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. These are a very cool spot that is just a bit inconvenient, given the teeny tiny winding road we had to take to get there. It was well worth the drive though.

All the dwellings were built into caves in the mountains. We started taking a tour, but it became loooong, and seemed a lot like the video we had already watched, so we toured on our own, checking out the rooms and ladders and such. Fun! They were built very cleverly, to let in the sunlight in the winter and to keep it out in the summer. Air conditioning.

After our tour of the cliff dwellings, we drove to Truth Or Consequences, NM to spend the night.