Day 131

Monday, October 3, 2005Santa Fe, NM
Miles: 15080Petroglyphs too!

Oh dear, it's flashbacks to Wyoming: Look dear, New Mexico! Flat, scrubby, then mountains, and scrubbiness. Albuquerque was sprawlilicious. In fact, they were quickly banging together some condos right up to the border of Petrolglyph National Park. It was a little odd to walk along the trails looking at old petroglyphs while listening to the sounds of backhoes and bulldozers ripping the rocks up.

Albuquerque was another city we had thought about living, but we quickly dropped off the list. So we headed up to Santa Fe and the Santa Fe KOA. It was in a very pretty area in the mountains, surrounded by yummy smelling trees, pinon pines, which give us the pine nut. In fact, people staying there were collecting them by the bucketful. After s'mores and dinner, we went to bed.