Day 133

Wednesday, October 5, 2005Ghost Ranch, NM
Miles: 15,529Georgia O'Keefeness

We tried to get up early, but it was so cold we just couldn't. We didn't need breakfast, though, since we were stuffed from last night's dinner, so we saved time there. We headed to the Georgia O'Keefe museum to check out the exhibit showcasing O'Keefe's works with Andy Warhol. I don't know if they thought that Warhol would hold up under the comparison, but he didn't. O'Keefe's works are older, but more timeless and elegant, and Warhol's were obsolete and felt a little desperate to be relevant.

After the museum, we left Santa Fe for Bandelier National Park. We got to walk in some real woods and even saw a red leaf. We climbed up into a high alcove and saw some amazing views from the top. The place was overrun with some sort of outward bound type group, but it was still fun. From there we headed to Ghost Ranch, NM, where O'Keefe painted. We saw Pedernal, the mountain she painted over and over again. We spent the night hanging out and watching the sunset over the mountains.