Day 134

Thursday, October 6, 2005Mesa Verde NP, CO
Miles: 15565Four states in one!

Since we hadn't had time to hike around the day before, we decided to get up early and watch the sunrise and hike. Uh, yeah. Instead we got up early and watched the sunrise while cuddling in the bed of the van. Ahh, the convenience of a house with a windshield. It was also way too creepy to shower in the horror movie-esque showers. Shudder.

We went to the Echo Amphitheater, yelled some stuff at it, and drove on. We realized that today was Rosh Hashannah and we had no Challah. So we bought some Apache challah from a guy selling tasty food out of the back of his station wagon. We even bought some honey to go with it. Score.

We drove to Aztec National Park and looked at some more ruins. By this time we had gotten to the point where we could recite the signs along the way and didn't take a whole lot of time there. Ruins tend to get redundant after a while. We drove on to the Four Corners, which, it turns out, is not in fact at the point at which the four states meet. Ah well. We had our photos taken anyway.

We arrived in Mesa Verde late in the afternoon and got in touch with Joe, who Ceridwen had met in Romania and who lives in Cortez, the town closest to Mesa Verde. We had dinner with him at a great Mexican restaurant and chatted. We got back to the campground and we greeted by some nice little deer hanging out and munching on the grass near our picnic table. Hello!