Day 136

Saturday, October 8, 2005Moab, UT
Miles: 15,881It's really an Army Hummer...

This morning it was waaaay too windy to cook, so we headed to some sort of pancake restaurant for breakfast and plotted. Our stay in Moab would be a little longer than some of our other stints, so our options were more plentiful. We decided to save Arches National Park for later, so we headed for the Needles Section of Canyonlands National Park. We viewed some wonderful formations and took a few short hikes. The rocks are unbelievably big rocks.

After getting back to Moab, we decided to take a Hummer ride through the Slickrock area. Sweet. Our guide was a really cool guy with a broken arm. It was an amazing ride, and we went down a cliff and he did some other really cool things. We went to a place called the top of the world, and with the clouds, and mist, it was amazing. a really bright rainbow. It was unbroken and gorgeous. We hung out and watched the sunset, then headed back to the campground.