Day 137

Sunday, October 9, 2005Moab, UT
Miles: 16170The Other End of Moab

Once again, it was too windy to cook again, but this time, instead of having some eggs, we had amazing whole grain waffles at quite possibly the most popular place in Moab. The waffles were worth the short wait, as was the coffee and the fruit. Yummmmmy!! On our way to the second section of Canyonlands, we stopped at the Arches Visitor Center and bought tickets for the fiery furnace tour. This tour has to be taken with a guide, since the National Parks frown on tourists getting lost in the middle of nearly impenetratable rocks. We couldn't wait.

As we drove out to Canyondlands, we decided that Utah should just designate all the roads in this area as scenic byways. Everything was towering and gorgeous. We hiked out to Island in the Sky, a peninsula of land sticking into the middle of a canyon. We hiked out to the end of the peninsula and marveled at the beauty while eating our peanut butter sandwiches.

After lunch, we checked out all the overlooks. You can see the beauty for yourself in the photos.