Day 141

Thursday, October 13, 2005Bryce Canyon NP
Miles: 16675Land of the Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon rocks!! There are rocks there, and it is awesome. We headed into the park first thing in the morning and started to walk the rim trail, but the allure of the path into the canyon was just too enticing to pass up. The trail wound down the canyon along a red path. Halfway down, the sun disappeared except for the glow around the rim of the canyon. Sadly, the loop trail was closed due to erosion, so we had to go back the way we came.

After climbing out of the canyon, we headed out the road of the park to Rainbow Point. On the way back to the campground from the Point, we stopped and checked out the viewpoints. Hoodoos abounded and became Ceridwen's new favorite rock formation. We settled into our campsite amid ponderosa pines. Because the campground was closing the next day, some of the bathrooms were closed, but it was still a very nice site.

When the sun went down and the moon came up, we headed down to one of the lookouts for a moonlit walk. According to the literature, it's so dark at Bryce that Venus put out enough light to make shadows. But not if the moon is full like it was tonight. It was cool though, to see the formations bathed in crisp white moonlight. The glowing rocks and quiet made it worth the trip out.