Day 142

Friday, October 14, 2005Zion National Park
Miles: 16763One Hell of a Promised Land

We started the day with an oh so exciting oil change. The high altitude here makes it sort of like the Northeast. Pines, birch and cold, crisp air. It was a gorgeous drive to Zion, through forests and striped formations.

Once at Zion, we checked into the campsite before heading out to the Riverwalk, a nice paved path along the river at the very end of the road. Zion has the best idea that we've seen in a National Park: a bus that takes you from point to point. The best part is that they do not allow private vehicles past the hotel along the road. It made it a very quiet, low stress trip. The walk itself was pretty, easy, and ended at the Narrow, where the Canyon, well, narrows to about ten feet at the bottom.

After our walk we ate some food we had purchased earlier at the fruit stand that Vermont had misplaced in Utah. The store was surrounded by green grass and apple trees and had a stream running by it. If we didn't know better, we would have thought we were in Rutland. The food was tasty and meant we didn't have to cook. Sweet.