Day 143

Saturday, October 15, 2005Zion National Park
Miles: 16763Angel's Landing

Today we got up early to hike up to Angel's Landing before it got hot. We had looked over our hiking options and chosen this one for its views. The hike itself was fun, steep and windy, straight up the side of a cliff. Along the way, the views of Zion were stunning. Zion is compact, a valley surrounding by pretty mountains, but somehow, it's still amazing to study in the changing light. There's a sense of size to the park, even though it's almost always completely visible once you hike to a thousand fee or so.

Once to the top of Angel's Landing (via some steep parts requiring chains) we had a snack and checked out the awesome view we had worked so hard for. Regardless of why Zion was named, from here it really did look like some sort of promised land. We headed back down, just in time to miss a thunderstorm. We hid in the van, then went in search of the local specialty of Bumbleberry Pie. It was tasty and came with a clever tale of where the Bumbleberry comes from. We hid in the van from the rain some more and went nigh nigh, for tomorrow was a very special day, the birthday of booboo!