Day 144

Sunday, October 16, 2005Grand Canyon NP, North Rim

Ceridwen woke Keath up with the classic birthday pancake. Last night she had snuck around the grocery store purchasing icing and candles. She had a bit of a problem getting the candle lit in the wind, but when she did, Keath was entertained by his birthday 'cake'.

After packing up, we headed out to the Grand Canyon's North Rim, via red rocks and tunnels. There's just not an ugly place around here, apparently. There were some unexpected forests, and some even more unexpected cow warning signs. The cows hang out in the woods? Uh, okay.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon to find it deserted. We scored a campsite (we had been warned by every guidebook in the world that this was nearly impossible without reservations) right on the rim and headed to the visitor center. The place was only being run by three rangers, and the stores and hotels were about to close for the year. We looked at the lookouts, walked along the rim and pretty much marveled at the beauty of the canyon. We then drove out to some other scenic viewpoints that looked at some of the canyond leading into the Grand one. Then we drove back to the habitated bit and had a drink and watched the sunset from the lodge.

On the way back to the campground, we decided that we would get up super duper early to head to the South Rim. After all, we had seen as much of the North Rim as we wanted, so we ate the eggs we purchased for the morning for dinner instead and headed for bed.