Day 145

Monday, October 17, 2005Grand Canyon NP, South Rim
Miles: 17233They Said It Couldn't be Done. Ha.

WAHOOOOOO! We finally got up early. When it counted the most, we got our asses up and out of the campground by 4:18. Unbelievable. Because of this, we made it to the South Rim by a little past 8 am. Which means we got to check out some very cool viewpoints before other people got there. The ride was pretty as the sun rose.

It is said that the Grand Canyon takes too long to see. It is said that you should never endeavor to try and see the North Rim and the South Rim on the same trip. It is said that you should plan at least a week to enjoy it all. We don't know what it is these people think takes so long, because they are certainly not the people who are actually hiking down in to the canyon. If you're not planning an overnight in the canyon itself, a day ought to do you well...

We spent the day walking along the rim, driving out as far as we could and then taking the bus out to the end of the park. It was nice to see the canyon from all sorts of different angles. The Grand Canyon is gorgeous, but hard to write about, because it's so vast, and also very overexposed. Not a lot to say that hasn't been said. Oh well. We had dinner and hid in the van from the rain.