Day 146

Tuesday, October 18, 2005Las Vegas, NV
Miles: 17537What Happens in Vegas...

We had reservations for a helicopter ride, but it was pouring rain and the trip was cancelled. Harrumph. Instead, we went to the Imax to watch the very cool movie about going through the canyon on the river. It was a very cool movie and made us feel bad about not being able to take the helicopter trip.

We headed to Las Vegas, stopping to take a photo or two of the Hoover Dam. Once in Vegas, we drove around trying to figure out where to stay. After settling on the Imperial Palace, we checked in and looked at the show schedule. We decided to go to Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity. Keath ordered tickets, then found out we had half an hour to get to New York, New York, a block and a half away. Sure, that doesn't sound hard, but the blocks on the Vegas strip are about a half mile long. We sprinted down the strip, running by frightened looking tourists and calling out directions to each other (dodge left, no right).

We arrived with just enough time to down some bowls of Thai food before heading into the theater. It was an amazing show, with naked people doing normal Cirque Du Soleil things like the trapeze and acrobatics, plus a lot of writhing about in fabic and water and whatnot.

On our way back to the hotel, we checked out the Bellagio Fountain and watched it dance to Hey Big Spender and the Pink Panther. Then we made out and tried to make people think we were about to make a big mistake at an all night wedding chapel.