Day 148

Thursday, October 20, 2005Las Vegas, NV
Miles: 17537...Still In Vegas

Holy running out of energy, Batman! Our trip plans pretty much ended with "getting to Vegas" and the excitement of the whole Bryce Canyon/Zion/Grand Canyon staircase sort of overloaded us for fun. We don't have thousands of dollars to spend living it up in Vegas, and we're not big gamblers to begin with, so we wandered around a bit more and played a game every here and there. All things said and done, we left Vegas with about $90 more than we went in with. Unless you count the hotel. And the food. And the Zumanity tickets. And the monorail. And the booze. But at least we know what we got in return for that.

So why not see one more show? We really enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil and there are four shows in Vegas, so we checked out Mystére. They had drummers hanging from the sky and many many cool acrobatics. Although this was a significantly more clothed Cirque Du Soleil than Zumanity (and there was less water involved), it was far more acrobatic. Yay!