Boynton Overlook
"According to local legend, the canyon before you was the site of a mysterious shooting that left one man, a Mr. Washington Phipps, dead, and another man, Mr. John F. Boynton, dodging the long arm of the law. Apparently the two partners owned a fair amound of horses which they grazed in the meadows along the Escalante River. Late one night the partnership was severed in a dispute over a young lady. The fight ended with Mr. Boynton shooting Mr. Phipps. As a result, this part of Escalante Canyon was named Phipps-Death Hollow. Feeling remorse, Mr. Boynton turned himself in to authorities in Escalante the next day. He was given $10 and told to ride to the County seat in Parowan for prosecution. He was never heard from again." (copyright The Highway 12 Scenic Byway Experience, plus a little grammar-checking) How anyone can call aythorities who give a confessed murderer $10 and walking orders the "long arm of the law" is beyond us.

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