Grand Canyon South Rim View 1
They say you should never plan on trying to visit both the North Rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in the same trip. They say that it's not possible to make it to both sides with enough time to see more than a token view. They say that it's practically impossible to get a place to stay on the South Rim if you don't plan months - if not years - in advance. We say that they are a bunch of lazy lying bastards. Welcome to the South Rim! We had no plans to go hiking down in to the canyon more than a day's hike worth. We had no reservations (well, we made them last night). Yet we still managed to take almost a hundred photos on the South Rim on the same day we left the North Rim. (Don't worry - we didn't upload them all!) Take that, misleading literature!

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DATE: 10/17/05 7:54 AM   |  

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